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"A developed country isn’t a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.."

- Gustavo Petro


In order to meet the larger growth objectives of the city, ADB is providing the required technical assistance support to GoK working together with BMRCL and DULT to achieve a strategic shift towards low carbon modes in Bengaluru, as well as enhanced livability and economic productivity, and enablement of safety, gender and social inclusiveness of public transport in Bengaluru.

This Technical Assistance Study is envisioned to deliver the following outputs:

  • ​TOD Vision Plan for the study corridors and TOD based urban development plans for selected 6 Zones prepared, and TOD implementation framework adopted;

  • Multimodal Integration (MMI) plan covering physical, information, operational, and institutional integration, and integrated ticketing prepared and institutionalized; and

  • Capacity of line agencies for planning and implementation of TOD and MMI enhanced and community awareness program prepared and implemented

The study corridors for this TA are defined as the area spanning 2km on either side of the 56km length of Phases 2A and 2B. This corridor comprises of 30 stations and 2 depots. ADB has appointed the team of IBI Group India Private Limited in joint venture with IBI Group Professional Services (Canada) Inc. and in consortium with Urban Design & Planning Consultants Limited (UDP International), Knight Frank (KFI), and Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS) as the Technical Assistance (TA) Consultants to achieve these outputs.


Transit Oriented Development (TOD) involves creating medium-to-high density developments supporting a balanced mix of land uses around station areas along the corridor. TOD is where all residents / employees are within a 6-minute walking, biking and bus transport distance from the metro, a sustainable and efficient public transportation mode- so people can ‘live, learn, work, play and shop’ in a walkable environment promoting an active and healthy lifestyle– where car ownership is an option, not a necessity.

"A successful TOD Plan must take a comprehensive planning approach that seamlessly integrates many different disciplines into one solution."


Multi-Modal Integration (MMI) involves creating seamless connectivity from transit hub to homes/destinations (last mile connectivity) through easy, sustainable and convenient mobility options. MMI promotes easy transfers between modes like metro, bus, cycle, walk, etc. both physically and digitally with infrastructure, ticketing and travel information. Seamless connectivity helps you to have a hassle free and pleasant experience while using public transit.

Phase 2A 2B Bangalore Metro
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