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We are exploring new ways to transform Bengaluru !

How can we make Bengaluru a great place to live, work, play and commute?

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About the project

The Government of Karnataka (GoK) is currently developing public mass transit systems for Bengaluru city including expansion of the metro rail and introduction of suburban rail. In addition, GoK is upgrading the existing bus transport system to enable a shift towards more sustainable modes.

Metro Blue Line Phase 2A
Metro Blue Line Phase 2B

GoK also plans to prioritize 

  1. Integrated and systemic urban planning to manage growth, catalyze strategic renewal of the city core, and enhance competitiveness, sustainability and inclusiveness of the city

  2. Creation of a ridership base that improves the economic and financial viability of mass transit investment

  3. Accessibility benefits of a comprehensive public transport system for all city residents

  4. Using land as a revenue source to finance long term investment needs of the city; and

  5. Addressing complex and intertwined economic and technological needs

In order to meet the larger growth objectives of the city, ADB is also providing the required technical assistance support to BMRCL and DULT for planning of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Multi-modal integration (MMI) for stations along the Proposed metro Blue line Phase 2A and 2B.The implementation of TOD and MMI will allow greater number of citizens to benefit from the mass transit infrastructure while also increasing the ridership of this system.

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